Cara Benson

[“The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said "This is mine,"]

“The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said "This is mine," and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody. ”   — Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on Inequality

“To accept a set of rights is to approve a distribution of freedom and authority…”
— Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

1. Do not spit, curse nor insult in the face of the offender.
2. Do not relinquish sober agency in favor of an hysterical or reactive retaliatory stance.

This is mine. My stand. Mine stand.

From how many?

Necessarily public, I.

Withheld which.

To act upon. To accept up - on. Pull up.

Believe that that could then be, without. Beware.

To ditch, the fellow.

How to hollow an appetite? As if. To strike.

Too short, too brute.

In private, the personal. Res publica occurring  in concentric resonant spaces.

The thing of right, my ownership of me.

My obligation to you. You at whom I do not spit. You at whom I do not lend my hand?

My extent, my border.

My body my s( )ex. Mine text.

Con vivio con textual.

You at whom I feed when you do not take the worm willingly.

Here, this I chew for baby.

It is my right to birth. From for of.

My person my home my bottle. Calm.

If you’re a young person, you’ve got be what be done to be looking to what is not is not done. What is not being done. Right. Right. Right.

From Empire.

From indignity.

From degradation.


The contract of.

The contract between.

The contract over.

Such sovereignty, this. Platform. Speaker-ify.

The sovereignty of speech.

That my voice fills the space which no other sound can displace. Never the louder softer
— think competition, yes.  

I tack here like Luther like German like intermediary the proclamation that decries intermediary!

Remove, not I.

How belief.

I accept nothing.

What is mine?

What is public?

Wherever the two shall meet, who gives? When to surrender.

Consumption requires oh how I must.

Quo jure?

Too nasty.

I have no duty not to eat. Oh how I speak.

you you you you’ve got your er ah privilege, then, your power. by god by right by sweet jesus mohammed allah! i say ah yah yah yahweh, mi lord!

Turban bound woman.

Man in veil.

Corset clasped monarch. (academic)

To claim a chair is always a chair and sometimes a throne.

Directly representative.


Seek pattern. See trigger. See note played.  bing


Out of fear or punishment. Cumulation. Retaliation.


3. Seek not retreat, nor advance.
4. Do not salute.

Distributive liberty. I hand you a ticket. Theater in which the act is defined discretely.

Draw the curtain, fill the wings.

Oh, say.

Say, say oh.

You can see what is not being done.

To what end, to what extent do you tell *me* the story?

You know the one about the when in the once on a hunt the gatherer dropped meat.

Arrest ye.




I kill the silence with my speech.

The dancer glides through the air carried by an alterity, in pain.

Reduced to this.

To suffering, or lack.

Lack of suffering is not joy. To bring joy to attach.




Adherence to code. To distribute equity.

Is it enough to do no bad?

Here, my hand. Will you accept it?

You must exert yourself to meet me.

In the space where we.

In we are us.

I am within this moment and this and this and this next

Can dictate no future. Predict. I say before that which comes after what is said.

I say now.

The play is cast. 

A hand, a fist.

To resist.

My right to resist. I am when I say I am.

I take this moment into the car.

Merging in traffic.

To languish in language leaves (no) possible.

What words to bind the wound.

My gauzy mouth.

As I utter I assemble myself and in so doing become actor. Become driver.

5. One will refuse to surrender property if accosted by a state.
6. The currency of protest is in barricades and intersections.

I at at corner on chalk note a furious a line. A Vallejo.

Take ye to the street.

Bring your body your yarn a good book.

One body is worth a thousand emails.

One email ain’t worth the zeros and ones it’s written with.

Flap ye bird of prey. I talon I grasp I all.

Dangling material in flight the swollen fabric washes nothing. Covers sleeping infants.

A young country.

Pre-teen republic. We the partiers. The defendants.

The rusted muffler dragged behind the USPS truck.

Certified note. Torn flag.

Birds then birds swallowing shadow birds.

Macadam madam.

Outgrowing your hot dogs, eh?

Beheaded mountain. For somber waves of fame.

Scuse me while I kiss this guy.

This white head white beard white wig powder keg.

Bring red in TnT.

Blue libations donated graphs charts the high school kid flunking trig.

It’s all come down to this: attack your nation-state. Your notion.

What you know is what you resist relinquish defend deny ignore squander.

Unravel the material. Lay threads at the commons.

Dumped cell phones. A mound of conversant plastic. Sarkazo. Greek: to tear flesh. Sarcasm.

From the Sanskrit: Ahimsa

is a term meaning to do no harm (literally: the avoidance of violence - himsa).

Satyagraha is a philosophy and practice of nonviolent resistance developed by Mohandas

Gandhi. It is a synthesis of the Sanskrit words Satya (meaning "truth") and Agraha

("insistence" or "holding firmly to").

Natural law and positive law. What we observe and that which we dictate. We cry.

Justice Clarence Thomas spoke of natural law. He spoke of other things, so it is said and also denied what was said.

“…the more the Government has to have force to contain the people, the more force the Sovereign should have in turn in order to contain the Government…" Rousseau, Of the Social Contract

I lean into the wind. Into the law.

I bend myself over my rights. I am inalienable. I am force.

What pushed me through the birth canal. (mother)

What shoves me out is also toward.

The shores over which birds.

I pluck from dirt. Hang peristaltic motility from the corners of my mouth.

The rip of the zipper. An open flapping jacket.

Paddling with intent from the stern. Mother.

I stop short of pointing.

7. Donate percentages toward information dissemination. The war of ideas plays out on highways.
8. Wear your seatbelt. Use a headset. Shift lanes courteously and forsake bumper stickers and comment streams.
9. Accept luggage from strangers. Think of colors like orange.

The Ganges Dam The Hudson Dam The Volga Dam Colorado Dam Ohio Amazon Euphrates Dam Yangtze El Zulia Tigris Grande Ottawa Yalong Yellow Congo Fraser Dam Dam Dam Nile Dam Niger Dam Yukon Indus Dam St. Lawrence Brahmaputra Danube Lower Tunguska Dam Saskatchewan Zambezi Arkansas Ural Red Dam Pearl Dam Bitim Orange Irrawaddy Negro Ubangi Dam Songhua Volta Lomami Oka Ica Magdalena Churchill Snake Limpopo Stony Tunguska Kama Indigirka Senegal Uruguay Blue Nile Dam Platte Dam Tobol Dam Jubba-Shebelle Dam Rhine Krishna Brazos Yamuna Georgina Athabasca Iriri Narmada Dam Green White Cimarron Desna Milk Dam Milk Dam Milk Dam Milk Milk Milk Milk Dam Dam Dam Dam

Read. Unread. Turning.

I do a dance. In place. Dancing fast as one can in one place.

My partner, my other, lift and dip.

Flyaway trope. Double dutch jump rope. Three little girls, one boy, braids and attitude.

The walk the chalk the street hop.

Boxes to sign for, bust open, spill the packing peanuts. Try it on for size.

Wear your politics. What we mean when we say suit.

Dress down Fridays. Happy hour. Miserable alienated white collar alcoholic.

Migrant ethics. Foraging for philosophy.

What species eats its offspring? Its poet(ic)s?

Self-satisfied rhetoric. T-shirt.

Tattooed. Umbilical.

I don’t stand here naked yet naked all the same. Vulnerable. Unprotected.

Don no armor. Not even logos.

You will draw the oxygen mask to your face when the elements are inhospitable to O consumption.

This happens in the deep and on high. There is a stratified level at which humans can survive.

Hierarchy of supported life. Chain. Ladder. Twisted.


Irascibility produces the pearl. This object attracts no food, no mate. Pure stress. Discharge.

Make your necklace work.

Amoeba avoids the prod. Your empathy will render this as proof.

Unless of course you are Cartesian. Are you? Do you think you are?

I tell you what. Listen. Don’t listen. Stop.

Bird then bird then verse. Zhang Er.

The will is infamous if not free. I pluck my instrument of correspondence. See.

Eschatological momentum is teleological. Also, this is tautological. All of it is, in fact, fancy pants terms for End Times.

I reduce, reuse. Simmer.

Basted breast. Boiled milk. Back to body.

10. In the course of the struggle he will not resist and therefore also not take part.

Back to naked.

I rise up. I cry (out). Weave the words into cloak. Wear outrage to the convention. Walk into an office.

Where (my) hands shake. I must be pushed. As I push you now. From behind.