Travis Macdonald

from 3…


Simple propositions (axioms) which, in

classes of
facts, to a large extent fundamentally different, have
heaven be gathered together unto one place, and
let the dry land
We feel ourselves compelled to admit: all remaining propositions
are shown to follow from those axioms
reproduction in a perfect condition) yet
when intercrossed they produce either few or no offspring.
The earth bring,
from the axioms, the question of the “truth,” of
tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is
in itself, upon
both plants and animals; though the organs
themselves are perfect in structure

far as the microscope reveals,
the methods of geometry, but that it is
yielding fruit

entirely without meaning? We cannot ask whether it is
true that only one straight line goes
through two points. We
developed. This distinction is important when the cause of
there be lights in
common to the two.


Of “truth” since it
supplies us with “the actual”
again and
the heavenly bodies with a delicacy.
Analogy makes me
short of wonderful. The principle
dogs have descended from several wild

stocks yet, with perhaps the exception of certain.
Him also
there was born as son, and he
with such exactness in one domain of
phenomena…and yet, should be invalid. For another,
this is the book of
quite fertile hybrids. So, again there is
argument to which, moreover, we shall return
humped Indian cattle
of relativity (in the
restricted sense.)


(good and distinct

determine by observations whether in the actual case) the
dry land
died and every living substance was destroyed…
Excess: That their fertility, beside being eminently susceptible—
Reason: Supposing that, as a result of
things, and the fowl of the
means always the same in degree,
places (A and B simultaneously) then we should be
him in the ark AND
testing whether or not this theoretical result is in

accordance with the reality we encounter. The same difficulty:
thing and
statements in which the conception “simultaneous”
plays a part. The
god made
their systematic affinity or degree of resemblance to each;
of discovering whether or not it is fulfilled,
the windows of heaven were stopped. And the rain…

Author’s Note:

π (pi or 3.141593) is a transcendental number, which suggests, among other things, that no finite sequence of algebraic operations on integers (powers, roots, sums, etc.) can be equal to its value. Consequently, its decimal representation never ends or repeats. It divides in endless variation.

This text is composed solely of language borrowed directly and in strict numerical sequence from The Book of Genesis, The Origin of Species (Chapter 8 - Hybridism) and Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Each selection is comprised of individual lines whose word count and selection corresponds with the relative decimal point of pi to its first thousand places. While the original language of each line is faithfully preserved, each selection has been re-punctuated for narrative purposes.