A Nathan Child Sketchbook


Something like an artist's statement.
Some of the Coop 3rd floor 'Found' images. Also, a few from journals - two of the 1"x1" poems from 'Bonjour Tristesse' - the bit on the left is something about a bach cello suite. 
My brother found [the ink pages] outside Harvard Yard.  No idea which encyclopedia it came from or how old it is, though there is a solid 2 pages of text on Ink.  It was whole, I accidentally ripped it, but think this adds to the texture & feel of paper. The irony of it being scanned, the theme of ink fits in well with what I like to do when drawing or writing, and with the printed word.
... the bits "...a substance employed for producing graphic tracings, inscriptions, or impressions on paper or similar materials."  & "use with a pen and a brush..." are more in line with a statement (maybe..)