Larkin Higgins

from across/upon

word looks worried       and free is one letter more than fee          this character
is anything but loosely strung these days these dazed petals                    yes of print
pedal petal faster            don’t wilt            spokes speak silver circles
graph the seasonal grass trampled by grid of wheels                      be clear now
linkage is everything 


i am here at Westsubs for wi-fi, not wife              the young men in Hawaiian shirts smile when i
take a table         i don’t really take the table        i sit with my legs under             there are
people working on manuscripts, answering email    a girl to my left with knitted cap &
earphones is drawing a drawing of a fish, very wide             as if it’s eaten another
fish                  she smiles, the draw-er does, turns to a blank white page in her sketchbook  
             searches for another image on her laptop & begins drawing a drawing on paper of a
drawing on her screen 


the woman is grinding her teeth  so much that her dentist sharpens the teeth
to chew effectively          spikes them for chicken & asparagus                 the dentist insists she
get fitted for a mouth guard to wear nightly             hints, maybe during the day     once
the woman gets the mouth guard she lays its clamshell container down on the bed next to her
pillow                  clicks the container open                 inserts the clear plastic apparatus over her
upper row of teeth             silver wire hugging                    she goes to sleep           dreams
dreams she has a dining room                    designed by a TV show home decorator
the table settings laid out are exquisite                   the food delectable          the dreamer begins to
salivate                           her mind asks the dreamer, how can you eat this delicious meal with a
mouth guard?                              the dreamer reaches inside her mouth         tugs the U-shaped
plastic off her teeth        snaps it                           into the clamshell container by her pillow