Michael Gottlieb


presented with the keys to the suburbs

shot through with that ineffable sense of bilious enlightenment

the dealings with those who somehow don’t recognize they are your betters

servitude to what passed for an idea

voluntarily happily

taking arms to the encroaching hordes of reconciliation

there are so many McMansions in my father's house


this is

the ground attack

you only have

to be not so lucky


go big go long go home

fail quickly

I know you can

explain to me

how it is

that we all don't

die alone

this black arts and crafts supply company

the rammed earth shifting beneath our feet

what goes toes-up when it comes time for wheels-up

if there is an after life

might it be like the after party

to which

we may or may not

be invited


the reprised demise

the prettified tort

the unpopular justice

you call them as you don’t see them

the fader - this is where you were supposed to enter

this is where it all said to begin

where we used to play at bombardment

the dun transports in a column

idling before the community center

the hastily instructed drivers

smoking in a circle

there are so many ways this

has gone wrong

as is well known

this is what all progressive people call out for