Fabian Macpherson

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Wires laid on a steel hand tilt
Elite polyhedron, white, valveless;
Hours set nest path: wave, hilt, other
Lead knights stow a new ore,
Drop silver when, hit, thawed houses glow.
So pet ants devour thee, bijou sunbather,
Dread shadow host,
And salve each raided carbon tress.
Slowing, no towers flourish
In a flooded gas dish.
Tubes surround our mantis now:
Thought dead, that loath├Ęd granite shell
Seethes in lithe silhouette.

Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters

 Light curtains can automatically detect when an operator moves…
In the shipping room, there is an Average locked terminal.
    HDY117 reports an actuator failure!
Activating the terminal reveals a discussion regarding an experimental
delivery robot that was reportedly single-handedly running all the
distribution in the Vegas area.
    PRO496 reports minor structural damage!
…photoelectric sensors which emit multiple beams of infrared light.
In both of these ways, indeterministic features of the mobile are made
conditionally deterministic…
In the bottling room, there is a lone surviving bottling robot.
    HDY291 reports a line malfunction!
When talking to it, it first talks as if the Courier would be its master.
Smart cameras include embedded processing and machine vision software in
their design.
We have already encountered the plasma convection across the polar cap.
    HDY074 reports oil maintenance needed soon!
…and if infants exhibit different kicking behavior than in the case of
causation with spontaneous motion…
But after realizing this is not the case, it becomes hostile and attacks.
Stepper motors convert input electrical pulses into discrete mechanical
    HDY019 reports a line malfunction!
…that would at least suggest that they are already sensitive to some
frequency relations.
If a companion discovers it first, it will instantly become hostile.
Radio emissions are created high in the solar atmosphere by electrons
gyrating in the solar magnetic field…
    HDY019 & 291 report all is OK!
The Hall effect sensors are needed with the encoder to provide rotor shaft
position at startup.
The furthest room in the back on the 2nd level factory floor has a safe, an
Average locked terminal, and a hole in the floor leading to a door which
remains locked until Festus is given 50 star bottle caps.
    HDY019 & 291 report inactivity!
    HDY074 reports inactivity!



Eel flock, why? Dark ell, cursed morn
rose on flawed belt, prints of blood gouts,
moths. In moth-trenches, the lamps rust;
a blind clerk palpates dry rot, trips, and drowns
in the baths. No worst, say the brass horde,
damped; hail briars and shards. Ash dieback
haunts the pool; its vault turns black.
On-centre, off-surround cells fire to
light onset, halt at offset. No mouth calls.
        Last thought, lost in a glass wind:
might there have been, have been there,
might there, mirth, have been mirth there,
mirth among moths, or must one find
all earth, where moths wax, mirthless?
An axon exits the eye. An index exists
in which moths are as moon coin, men worthless.