Jeff Hilson

from Organ Music
Part 7

when marvin says I’m hot

just like an ovin

& he needs some lovin

I need a glossa ordinaria

in 1982 in my head it is good to masturbate

all over my sleeves

ugh I can’t do this writing nobody

knows who I am against

in 1982 I know

the hong kong laundrymen below

are offensive

nobody saw it coming the death of king lee

when I get that feeling argh

I just grab a hold of the chinese

written character as a medium for poetry

farmer    pounds    organ

it doesn’t say there’s no such thing

as pounds

boy moving is difficult with farmers in

chinese nobody knows what they are anymore

what they are for

farmers pounding the organ faraway

like an ocean an organ

goes up & down

unforgettable once you have heard it

this organ humiliating in its sizes

ugh while the farmers pound the faraway shore

marvin says he’s hot

now just like a muffin

I don’t know what he’s doing

in my poem about the english organ

going backwards & forwards between you & me

all over our selves in 1982 we sailed away

for a year & a day

& when we returned

marvin was the wrong marvin

& the organ

someone is always putting it wrongly

in the ocean I cried

in the ocean how can I tell the farmer

I love his farmhands

you idiot his farm hands are on their feet

chinese marvin gaye is silly

he doesn’t know what’s going on

can I touch them your hearts of palm of motown I said

throw up on my hands he said

ugh I said they are like grapes I heard

one two one two three four

goes every capsizing organ in the world

in the poetry world

who is silly now the organ I am fucking

clinging to with is a disaster

admiral bonzo only said abandons ships once

in english in the ocean

it is the same in or out

once twice three times a torpedo

rolling on & off

now admiral bonzo is swimming away with a floatie

mother mother there’s too many of them

I know a man & a buoyancy compensator isn’t funny

really admiral bonzo is dead isn’t it

funny in the beginning

I just wanted to show you all the organs in england

now I am killing you with the best one

the best one in the world is

the hong kong laundrymen pounding shirts

boom boom

nothing I think in the ocean is as offensive

as buttons missing

off of the shirt of chief petty officer flanagan

between you and me

the atlantic ocean was enormous

in 1982 enormous like the buttons of god

going up & down on it

I use waterwings myself

slipping them on & off to reach 1983

its like I had a disjunction in my vagina

dear yearning

which is incorrect when you are a serious poet

I like to hear it in my ear

I mean the north sea which is nothing

nothing in the north sea

is as funny as marvin saying

this morning the sea is storming inside of me

the weather being important

for marvin gaye when in the spring air he used language

to kill the hong kong laundrymen

in the ocean below

I’m like a rocket girl he says dying


nothing on the radio

will come off a fucking english shirt he says

nothing now the ocean

& the organ are one &

ugh the brown faces cease to sing