Nat Raha

Three Poems

                          worn sight drift held to
                                                              seasonal pace bright
            across our wares traded various,
                                                              brushing chill of moment
                          of veins, of oxygen in curve of eyelines flickered
                                                                                      through memory attentive to flesh
                                                & intellect; the coo of dreamt energetic
                                                                                                             / construct optimism
                                                 / collage of experiment.

                                                                        tectonic fracts to solitude, as mass
                                                                        festive product bewilders nuanced affect
                                                                        & critique from the possible / heads above
                                                                        saturated betwixt positivism / autonomic /
                             unsustains each of us trivial
                             against needs laid claim to trying
                                                                                ; to caress
                                                                                the short cut of your hairs,
                         by sight
                                     which we might yet know;
                                                                               snared toward / anxious
                                                                       saturate of anterior cingulate cortex
                         in grain of / that the poem wears as delay
                                                                                          & nerve’s attrition routine looping
                         upon the neck’s cusp caught
                                                                     w/in immediacy

            thrown / week stroll from cusp greeted under politic
            flared grey as trade union midterm
                                                                  attempts to deter
                                    w/ xeroxed comms;
                                                                   want, repetitive
                                    adject trudges to whatever gates mustered, stalling
                                    overt in its hum.
                                                              the cold encroaches shyness,
                                    downgrading poems & art etc. / population surplus
                                    trying to unite through ware & taxable dole, its multitudes
                                    damp // pretty days negated or anxious at picturehouses
                                    posing melodramatic hollow / ridiculous questions e.g.
                                    “where have all the
                                    cute dykes gone?” 

                                                                      conscious of textual americanisms intoned cf.
                                                                      all of the sofas in middle england. kindling. palms.
                                                                      correct laughter for sustenance. Yvonne Rainer
                                                                      conceptual &/or self-conscious tone of voice.
                                                                      frequent trains, paying to attend Guy
                                                                      Fawkes night, inverse traitors operating the gate.

                        to give lips obscure, again, wrapped in
                        harmony of hairs thrown or
                                                                   boarding, either victory
                        just wanting the wind off my back, fearless of the
                        river / specific structural / moon absence
                                                                                         toughening, catch
                        beauty on the body, eyes kept attendant.
                                    bone china clung for confidence as the
                                    institution razes, strikes.
                                                                          w/out stairs. health betrayed
                        in collapsed discourse scribbled only in our thinking, aware / coheres
                        yet arid shreds tones & we tire, weaker. independence as
                        myth allocated singular w/ the names of us; the part-owe of cognition

(late letter, waterloo bridge 11.31am)

                                              concern fraying eyes of us
                                              abstract ,
                                                             hectors to bleep vicious tones
                                                             of the day / repetitive circular /
                         wet sourced to heads / pulling various our bodies
                                                                                                       , to city
                                                                                                       where you
                                         dressed favourite , labour the good without remuneration.
                                                     worn less verbose / shackled by the
                                                     should of the hour's disciplinarity / kid's scream / fearing the
    moment closed enroute by
                                            statutory glass, capital's monument //
    that I steal this for health,
                                            from theft of whatever self might
               be here given lips to beam / possibility tangible as the
               bulldozers creep turf graffiti / accumulate /
                                          to not share the site of breakfast
                                                                                of sorrow humming quiet, umbrella             
                                           cheaply exchanged.
                                                                                    to act
                                   from the poem, might nurture the
                                                between our
                                                                   distribute permanence & surplus, between
                                   the slipping & constants that dry muscles exhaustive 
                  transformed as pageant-daily
                                                               / despondent week public-I & its fiction;
                                                               you exit not knowing the clock.