Erica Anzalone and Ashley Siebels

"Immersion Exhibit"

Writer: Erica Anzalone
Artist: Ashley Siebels
Erica’s poem is a response to the recent oil spill in the Gulf. We act as though the natural world is an “Immersion Exhibit” we can visit and be entertained by, like going on safari.  The poem seeks to disturb the audience with a truth so obvious that we need to mask it with language such as “habitat”: there is no distinction between our human world and the natural one. Both spill over into the other. Disasters such as the Gulf oil spill point to this dire truth we need to face if we – both animal and human – are to survive. As poem displaced onto billboard Immersion Exhibit serves as a warning. Poems are not quiet creatures that ought to be locked up in an obscure literary magazine. Ashley’s work as a graphic artist using a Holga camera makes the poem public, political, and hopefully an agent of social change.