Anna Kreienberg


Water & patchwork smoothed over the soft
flip & knowing
In a value judgment let me be the 5th or above
Mayer or mayor my
slip & irrelevant

My tips are still sore 
did you know there’s a robot in The Faerie Queene?
From now on all my poems are collected under the title EDUCATION
Under the title PROXIMAL
Say what you will about men
fell in love with him in the background

They offer up multiple wicker hearts

Here’s a careful grammar when secrets feel fake
Nothing birch or cedars here
Still the green is unreal
holds fast a pulsed life

I wear sea creatures on my back 
we intimate sun secrets
I love how the tides rule us, rule you
the most magic I’ve ever known
every poem echoing
the weight of art heavy on its hands like a cherub
zeitgeisting the word
It Receives, to the left
Open container laws and the hopes of more fucking in the stars
lightened out into moon

What do you do in a day?
wake up hardly
Allen Ginsberg is my daddy
the crayfish spoke

May I never leave my personhood to jade marbles & cruelty
may I always lumber
Future plays out lazy & clean
These are real life gargles from the pit of least resistance

The backs of earrings fall from my chastened waistband

I walk 10 miles everyday
I’m still falling in love with the idea that float & permeable are riding to meet me
Today we went to the Space Needle and had big hope conversations
How about that jingling bullshit

I misnomer italicized my birthday it shines brutally but nothing embarrasses me
I feel the solid beef jerky of my thighs and walk, walk, walk
The emptiness in your ears
the best conception we have of 3 dimensions

West Coast rheumatic wetness seeps in 
makes me habitual French press
arm tangle Z says I talk in my sleep what does my guttural reveal in the dark age of

Save it for a tattoo of Allen Ginsberg

When I get back to NY I’m going to be more on time to things
spend less money & be nicer
I can absorb quietly without my ego butting in

My poetry, I mean poetry capital “P” writ large
across the sky is approachable like grocery store aisles
Labels & dictations
words flowing across your map
This is a place where sea creatures could crawl out of the water like an etching and
start a new life on land
Other people’s words are the tonic
to blush