billy cancel

    scraping carrots
     i compassed my own    
demise     turned out wasn’t     humiliating
prelude to terminal glory     blue green mold
like now         they weren’t
     captivated by glitter din
that different stamp of men     wandered
a few yards when disturbed     wouldn’t
be obliged to do more my wayward
fancies led me to a     reservoir of considerable
depth & all     assurance left me rush
of creeping
     despite opposition from badger
cubs     i took residence in     unused chambers
beneath chalk hill     my altar lay out
was     swamp root dream book     plus a tall
boy next     lit a red candle         & rail
     excursions to the land of flowers shall
be of nearly daily occurrence snakes
earwigs caterpillars will
not deter us from trifling
about the crocuses

     magic wallet or short cut     perfected to
sucker trim     choice     should expect more
than non-evasive hobby loss from     kingdom of
attractive nuisance     don’t flame out     in daily
virtue lunge     this will be your back up that will stay
an apple     & years until cops i promise         short
     period of time in supervised
detention under the 1963
heath act from now on referred to as black-
changed         from outside got     bracketed silly little
     urbanists     violated scent then driven     pie-eyed into
wandered wastes
    how i like to see you
quisling cyberteriats         the nose they left
     you was already lit by whiskey &
heat     don’t retrogress back to narrow
gauge kid     you must be
3rd choice     in wait for something infinite to emerge from

     to that garbage of all sorts i applied my lips
construed some awful     plan then heard
nothing but     confused buzzzzz did     a nose
for the knife to soften blunder     ran into
idleness         neither play nor sing     have 2
     conditional reflex     tonal blemishes are
calculated to
excite much     astonishment     acts
like magic on the liver a good thing rub
it in death feigning beetle beneath  gold plated
cabin can’t be related to spiders must be wrong     happy    
     birthday     wishing you all     the derangements
resulting from     such delicious vagaries     pyrotechnic 
outbursts     narrowing
axiom dirges
     sails flapping     no one about     most
evocative         this new class of beekeeper
     is laden     with every type of
machine required     they seem a

     brought rotten fruit to some badger set piss up
this is where thankfully the time went     defused
archetype  saved me a taste    “if you can’t join
then     wake me     for you are dominant conifer
formerly celeban”         upon feast of st.grimbald
      i honed ornate shapes     how our brotherhood of
rolling stock     cookie cut frilled melded into
fabric     dominant form’s unbearable monotone
check     bright burnt pink beyond reason giggle
quota 11 check
     post-idyll with army impending
will be here by tax day check     alkaline dreams
of dog attack aways yes got that         corrupt
     not pathetic     treated every plant as toxic until i knew
otherwise     blue green hooded from lily pond water
falls threadlike     but then my owner moved across
the hill     blessed break     me with claw lament         soon things
     picked up     went rouge in some endless junk yard can’t
remember it’s name     hence i move
my arms my legs     i do
what i like   

     plus odd makeshift acquires teeth
exactly formed to repel  wide eyed
assassin & the sober calculations don’t
hang a sign off every tree         interlude
     of alien splendor
upon its date with one
transient casual across base
intrigues meanwhile in the parish of
gulfstream fucking freezing an ultra fine
mesh that termites can’t get through was
installed         safety pinned into a long
     coat i roll words out of unpalatable 
shapes now to return to crustaceans turns
into but for my labor the coastline         no more
     nerve tonic might swoon should
take something to
soak up the triple strength next run out
to see what it all means then get back from winter’s blast singing
profusion of     floating heads     are really
men standing     behind a glass fence