Daniel Wuenschel

Imitation of Antonin Artaud

eating the light,                  shine
your darkness                    in the sky,

show us
where you are.

Sweep away
the astral crumbs

of that
which we      are made of.

Is that laughter I hear in the distance?

be       celestial        as the night sky,

open the shutters
of your shy heart.

So much of the universe is dark matter.

disperse the kaleidoscope

Celestial Ones,
flip over the record,

listen to the other    side


moving toward the center
progressive   quickening


before the final silence arrives.

There is still a hole
in the middle of the disc.

In the August Cart

after Aldo Vianello

strands of dust-wings
follow the dry wheels  

paired lines in the path
marking generations of cart crossings

August brings to the fields
an arid reality

the sky waits in glacial pace
to reveal its galactic origins

transform its quiet
arid emanations

into water-words, ocean-sprays,
globular glistenings

late August agonies
bring also

late August fruits.