Ed Go

[portrait of a bohemian in posteverything bliss]

& fast, go when we come &
you come when we go &
go when we go &

when they went, went &
went & we & them, then

& know & try & stab & read &
reason & talk but talk & dream &
drink & give & go & wretch &
slow & rhyme & writhe &

now, you can call a old
phone not suddenly known
            an example to see
her baby sister surf
the crowd come out the love you make &
            the flood you stole & the bomb

Onans i love the whole of it &
under thunder is just as we afforded
in this wristflick anklefuck
              snowshoveled sundered

she speckled

has freckles all
over her her       on
her arms & on her
thighs & on her
calves & on her
eyes       she even
has them on
her lobes & on her
bones & on her
gloves      she even
has some on her
shoes      they dripdrop off
as she walks she walks
& drops them on her
     ground      look
for her shes easily found     there
theres one on the ground    pick
it up & put it on                  there
flipflapping on her
floor     blows below
in breeze & brick
thru courts & trees
bushes break      court
  now open     break
& bleed & picks it
    off from where
      blood bleeds