Kevin Kilroy

The Community of The Curriculum of the Soul

i.m. Joanne Kyger (1934 - 2017)

at the Indian restaurant in Streeterville
you told me
you always say that
and I loved you
you say
don't teach me
I say
I'll be you
to be taught
did you know I struggled to make sense
what if we brought it all together Joanne
I won't apologize for petty things
you thought I was quiet and vein
and I am
except when talking
your laundry process isn't you
the date isn't you
you took on phenomenology
for the community of the curriculum of the soul
you aren't you
between the page and you
there is no page
between Brahman and Atman
afterall we were eating Indian
that space you filled
electric beauty
be our angel
stunning grace
as you died I dreamt
taking my children to my piano teacher's house
sneaking in
you played
I play
they'll play
where was she
the phenomenon you carved
out of nothing
a house in Bolinas
we snuck into
the curriculum
she was where
we sat
in the blind
us eat