Reed Bye


To help her with the drying out
                        he floats in on
            balanced wings
rides a moment’s tension
Not time, perhaps, this time
he can see
and thinks to
            skip the thought he had
                        “Improve the shining hour”
            And drops
down as a a leaf
            through branches
and even though she cannot
            see him
She hears the sky-blown
and looks up from her line


I am not going to worry about this world
There’s nothing to do it takes care of itself
This happens, that comes along
What I can’t often predict
but find myself rationalizing
is the rise of anger or passion. What will come of it
like an organized crime family’s
struggles to keep up in the world today. Don’t correct her
She was teaching when your children learned to spell
She’s not as squeamish as you think
Right place at the right time
She wields her weighty gavel
beyond the burden of this world
The concert calendar’s bait and switch
turns regularly. Sameness
is a difference we get used to. The crash
on the horizon, milk on the highway
Reservoir dry
but with those storm-clouds in the foreground
what’s to worry? It all happens without history
Please, let go that theory
as she grips the bars and rises
Can you see her now above the water-line?
Don’t worry
When she steps out of the tub you’re already
lost in the translation

that is yours to read and question


You squirrels are acting like monkeys
waving your purchase receipts so far above
the rest of us, squawking
A break in the action gives a clear glimpse
into the sky and clouds
the underside of leaves, veins pumping
sugar and water. From a seaside palisade
the tide turns. Heat of a body
pulses in nervous exchange

What anchor to the absolute
comes down?
Bring it on, showing
what service to expect
If I had a pencil I’d draw
whatever can be known  
Can anything be known as it was
ten seconds after? Or is it just business as usual
from the moment it is born?


Put the last amount left
into a circle, with powdered eggplant
under a tree. Each station receives a gram
Stomp it around
Call on Demos, god of community
Enter the ranks with budding branches
Crows perch on the walls
to observe the boundaries
Invite the doves to rise above and
beat their wings of light

In a heartbeat, things are equal
One season leaves
Another comes in with changed expression
A central election pits one half of the citizenry
against the other. People fall into camps
What is the government money can’t by?
Then comes reality’s decree

Dance around the navel
Bones turn in their sockets
Muscle and tendons open up and shout
til we’re all bound up around the tree
     and see
many roads leading out from there


This madness may or may not be
accordian-like. What do you say
Who or what gave its permission?
There is dark remorse
to get through and then perhaps
a turn of some kind
gradually filtering light
Love will leave its
tentacles extended
towards relation. I took this picture
(left out of the collection)
You see it’s like an artichoke
in flames viewed from the top of a pavilion
Any clues to where it might have come from
or what might happen next?

What the gray sky brought: memory
and consolation. The litter is
sleeping, rain dripping
Too much consciousness is just
names worn on stone
A lady in a blue jacket 
walking her dog
Air and rocks
feel the dandelions
It’s the play of the world

You want to use the same terms but
now the dog walks the lady
     the other way
Not much to work or wait for
It won’t be what you thought
Listen now, the crow said
Memory fades
wading through this fog
holding a lantern for the sun


On the one hand all this interest
is a sign of mutual connection
care and love. On the other
it is more comparison shopping—
Who is getting what and why am I
left out? In between
a story vast and complex as
natural mechanics—
Meeting characteristics
and their thumbprints as oneself

Some look right
at where all of it is made and see
the sun melting ice 
refracting light. Water does and
does not drip. Each step of the way
I’ve looked and then
begun to talk 
nakeder than what I thought to say