William Corbett

The man I knew as a boy

Tim, I’ve known him
Since he was a boy,

Is on the other end

Of an 18 foot 2 x 12

Raising it in place, holding it
There to take the spring

Out of the Boathouse second floor.
We need a brace.

“Use the ten pound sledge,
the five pounder sends

shivers up your arm.”
He’s mastered the Sawsall

And nail gun and where
To place the long red screw

To hold solid our joist.
When a 2 x 4 is a little strong

He knows how to bang it home.

There's a good title

“There’s a good title”
is a game I play with Ed Barrett.
I’ve just scored two in one day:
“Pints in the Fog,” jars of Guinness
on a fogbound Dingle afternoon
and the boy born hours ago,
“Diego William Brody Jones.”
There’s a title!

Side Order of Pommes Frites 

Ou est François?
Far from 8 ½ Stars
In China where they
Write numbers how?
8 Trout is his rating.
And Scottie, she’s in
Montreal where the
Ratings are in Cohens
As in Leonard Cohens,
Zenbo like The Painter
And Beverly who visits
Brooklyn’s Zen Center
Every Sunday. Who
Knew the Buddha
Worked Sundays, the slot
Before NFL games.