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periplum maps our star/less shores
by jennifer koshkina (now jennifer rogers)

Jared Hayes says: "If you expect chapbooks to provide you with the ecstacy you deserve as a citizen of the galaxy, with the serial gesture of imaginative and bodily pleasure, if you expect chapbooks to bring about a performative and interactive theatre of deliberate play, to throw your mind aggressively into a state of transformation, to remind you simultaneously of Charles Olson, Vitezslav Nezval, Eleni Sikelianos, and Diane Arbus, if you expect this and more from your chappy chap chap then email us and get your copy of Periplum Maps Our Star/ Less Shores by Jennifer Koshkina...do it soon...do it today...and prepare to become a summer baby bug, peacock farmer, a beat duck, and a royal leopard!!!"

by j/j hastain
(covers available in red, orange, yellow, blue, purple)

An excerpt from a tangent by Jared Hayes about .compilate.:
this text is one that co-operates with language. as i have heard mr. duncan point out in audio lectures: some "use" language others "co-operate" with it. this is something fundamental for/to me as a reader/writer of text/world. i am prompted to continue that premise...knowledge/language exists outside of myself and only in relationship to others/geographies/texts do i (whatever/whoever i may be) collaborate in meaning making....compilate. did not necessarily reveal this to me, yet .compilate. is a text that re-members this consistently throughout. and maybe that is the process that this book encourages in the experience of it...the re-membering of these polysemous cells. i am brought into the biological act of fusion, or no, something more dirty...some prosthetic or transformation process where membranes are introduced to each other and either reject or assimilate themselves. here in .compilate. i believe we as readers/writers both assimilate and reject this prosthetic membrane. we as co-participants in the meaning making process re-member and suture this monster to ourselves (willy-nilly and with momentum). it hangs strangely and comfortably off of ourselves...changes our functions as we learn its own kind of consciousness.

An excerpt from .compilate.:

.amor surgical.

.stolen. books. objections. personas. exiles.
membrane. junky jolted you. in groan and
localized eros. corporeality of any cicala
theory. if it matters when it goes engraved.
salted. strung together to make more than two
hundred miniaturized girls.