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Issue 8 ("the forest party issue") was released in Summer 2014.

Issue 7 ("the UK Dossier issue") was released in Summer 2013.

Issue 6 ("the kid & butterfly issue") was released in Summer 2012.

Issue 5 ("the llama issue") was released in Summer 2011.

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Issues 1-4 were published concurrent with The Kerouac School's Summer Writing Program in 2006. Jared Hayes and Andy Peterson released each issue on Fridays. Peruse the original print issues of summer stock at Issuu! (Click on individual issues below.)

Issue 4 ("the horse issue") released July 14, 2006, features Elizabeth Guthrie, Jorge L. Rodgriguez-Miralles, Ray Garcia de Leon & Andrew K. Peterson, Clotilde Wright, Abbey Pleviak, Jen Dunlap & Jared Hayes, Heather Mueller, Soma Feldmar, Elizabeth Guthrie & Andrew Peterson, Jared Hayes & Jessica Hullman, W. Celeste Davis & Akilah Oliver & Kate Spencer & Jane Werle, Michael Levell, Joseph S. Cooper & Jared Hayes, Danielle Vogel, HR Hegnauer, Michael Koshkin & Logan Ryan Smith, Jonah Kinchey & Jane Werle & Elizabeth Guthrie & Andrew K. Peterson.

Issue 3 ("the turkey issue") released July 7, 2006, features Nicholas B. Morris, Christine Fox, Josh Gage, Tino Gomez, Matt Peulen, Viteslav Nezval translated by Jennifer Rogers, Anne Waldman, Federico Garcia Lorca translated by Luis Valadez, Rainey Warren, David Welper, and Jamba Dunn.

Issue 2 ("the pig issue") released June 30, 2006, features Amy Lynn Hess, Travis Macdonald, Julia Hastain, John Sakkis, Kristi Castro, and Jessica Hullman.

Issue 1 ("the sheep issue") released June 23, 2006, features Jane Werle, Joseph S. Cooper, Reed Bye, Noelle Levy, Tim Armentrout, and W. Celeste Davis.

Thanks to Nathan Child for helping to digitize our archives!