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On the eve of Sept. 12, 2012, Jared Hayes' Poetry All Stars played Andy Peterson's Poetry All Stars in a Disembodied Fantasy League Baseball Game. Both coaches select outrider poetry favorites for team rosters. Game plays are dictated by Harry's Grand Slam Baseball Game, a strategy card game released in 1962 (similar to league commissioner Jack Kerouac's imaginative fantasy baseball league). This year's All Star Game took place at Windswept Zuk Fields, overseen by umpire Louis Zukofsky. The teams shared 1st/3rd base coaches Ted Berrigan & Allen Ginsberg.

Jared's All Stars beat Andy's All Stars 11-10, on a bottom-of-the-ninth walk-off home run by Susan Howe!

Play by Play Updates (Text messages by Andy & Jared)

10:18pm – End of 3rd from Windswept Zuk Fields: Andys 4, Jareds 3. Ol’ Ez got touched for 4 in 1st, HRs by Guest & Mayer! Ez’s settled down, retired 6 straight. J’s battle back with small ball in 3rd: Corso w/rare sac bunt moved Notley into scoring position, RBI double by Kyger. More to come! Listening to E.Dolphy, drinking a beer & welcoming Henry Cooper to the planet!
10:27 – Drama in 4th! Spicer caught jacking off behind the plate allowed a passed ball to get by, moves 2 runners into scoring position. Next play, infield in, Notely with quick play nails Jarnot at the plate! Stein relieves Pound; gets out of jam but another run crosses. Andys lead, 5-3. 
10:40 –In the 4th, Duncan singles home Kent Johnson, Hayesy ties it up, 5-5. In 5th, Brossard’s RBI triple, ‘Corso scores again’. But Howe’s hard liner went straight to Koch at 3rd, stepped on bag for inning ending DP. The NY Schoolers make solid infielders: quick hands, fancy footwork...
10:48 – Stein shaky in 6th: Creeley HBP loads the bases, then Gerty uncharacteristically balks in a run, puts Andy’s back in lead, 6-5. Strange night out here at windswept Zuk Fields…
10:49 – Jared: “creeley’s weak…stein will come through…”
10:55 – Yup – Stein blows one by pinchitter Neidecker to end Top 7th. In the last 4 innings, Andy’s stranded 7 runners, 4 in scoring position. Steins seems to get in trouble early, then slam the door on these baffled hitters…
11:00 – Meanwhile, Helen Adam’s working that curseball in the later innings, striking out 3 of last 4 batters (including poor Robin Blaser, who’s K’d 4 times batting in the leadoff spot. End of 7, Andys 6-5. 
11:01 – Jared: “pull blaser…she knows the hole in his wing!”
11:13 – Andy’s bat around in 8th, score 4. That ol’ Creeley gets back at Stein for plunking him earlier, chases her from game with RBI single. Norma Cole in relief gives up RBI doubles to Mayer & Jarnot. Bottom 8th: Andys 9, Jareds 5.
11:15p – Jared: “Ouch..Cole’s gotta hold ‘em for one Dinh’s only good for one at bat…”
11:19p – Who’s pinch hitting for Blaser?
11:20 – Jared: “Rexroth?...Waldman? 
11:24 – Bottom 8: Kyger leadoff walk, followed by a 2 run HR by Susan Howe! Helen Adam chased from the game. Rolling Stones blare over p.a.: “I need a love that can keep me happy!” John Weiners shambles in from the pen. 2 run leads aren’t safe with this lineup…
11:25 - Jared: “Waldman it is!”
11:39 – Bottom 9: Waldman batting for Blaser. A leadoff double! Notley with a surprise bunt single; she’s been a beast, 3 for 5 today. Corso’s fielder’s choice scores a run. Kyger K’s, Jareds down to their final out. Two out triple by Brossard, Corso scores again! (copped 3 times today). The tying run is on 3rd base, and here comes Susan Howe. Wieners is taken from the mound on a stretcher, poor choice to bring him in for 5-out save opportunity. Stony Bob Grenier strolls to the mound. What will happen?

11:48- It’s a walk off Home Run! Susan Howe HRs in final 2 at bats. Jared’s All Stars win, 11-10! A magical evening! Everyone goes happy. An amazing omen opens the sky for summer stock #6 to slip in, wow!
12:05a – Jared: “woohoo!… epic!… i love it”
12:14a – Haha, I know! I’ve been at games like this, you know? Teams riding waves of energy, road team jumps out big. Some sunny midsummer day, the crowd willing a comeback, middle innings move quick, back&forth, late inning jostling, everything slows, then explodes! It could never happen this way again – a beautiful game. Best baseball I’ve seen all season (Sox in last place). Missin u! lovlovlov. Goodnight from Windswept Zuk Fields here on the E.Coast. Final score, Jared’s All Stars 11, Andy’s All Stars, 10. 
12:18a  - Jared: “xo.”

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